January 25, 2017

La Empresa

Quirón Asset Management S.A., was founded in the year 2008, with the objective of managing MUTUAL FUNDS, the administration of which is rated by Moody´s and FixScr. It is controlled by the National Securities Commission, audited by Deloitte & Co. S.A. Their assets are guarded by the Banco Comafi S.A., and it is registered in the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”), in the United States in order to comply the FATCA rules.

This company is independent of financial services; it specializes in offering strategic solutions to clients, involving the management of investments and the financing of companies. Its distinctive characteristic is the personalized attention and the fluid communication that enable us to identify correctly the clients’ needs. The synergy of a professional team with broad experience and an attractive range of financial products, create integral solutions for each client. The objective is that the investor obtains the adequate profitability according to their profile, minimizing the associated risk. It offers a family of MUTUAL FUNDS that contemplate the entire range of possible combinations between the risk and its repayment.

Arroyo 880 4th floor
City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
(5411) 5217-9070

Management Agent of Collective Investment Products of Mutual Funds (FCI) No. 43 National Securities Commision (CNV)